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Welcome to my site!

I am a self-taught and trained graphic designer and illustrator from Helsinki.

I create visual concepts to communicate ideas such as logos, packaging, marketing materials, posters, presentations and websites. I also make short animations or adds on social media. As an illustrator I am able to create both hand-drawn and digital illustrations as well as combining the two.


My background is in social service and I have a master´ s degree in the field.

I have worked with families and children for many years. I have always been gifted in the art field and my sense of creativity and interest in graphic design has drawn me to change my career and start my own company in 2020. 

I am great at paying attention to details and I love creating and designing beautiful projects for my clients. My number one priority is your satisfaction. 


Please feel free to contact me for collaborations. 

Anniina Heikinheimo


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