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The Full Story 

I think its not the end product itself, but the story, passion and values behind it that make it more memorable. Don't hesitate to ask questions!


Reflections on Motherhood:
MAMA 2016 Collection

Within MAMA 2016 series, I looked into the multifaceted experience of motherhood - the beauty and challenges of motherhood.

My collection captures the essence of this journey contrasting exhaustion, solitude and guilt against brightness and joy. I see motherhood is like a two-sided coint that swings back and forth  between moments of pain to moments of joy and elation.


With each of these drawing I want to tell a unique story, offering a glimpse into the experiences and emotions mothers encounter. Through these illustrations, I want also want to assure

mothers everywhere of a sense of connection and understanding, reminding that  the journey is not in isolation but in shared understanding. 



40% introvert 

60 % extrovert


While deeply enjoy meaningful interaction and people around me yet I find myself drained from extended social situations. Awhile  back I started to call myself an ambivert. As much I like connecting with people and also very much like the calm of solitude. 


Ambiverts can adapt easily in different situations, which is great, but it comes with set of challenges. I feel like I can understand and connect with different personalities and navigate in social situations but sometimes if my internal battery runs out and a am being more reserved and then moments later overly enthusiastic it can be confuse people.  


Motherhood is tough as it is. For a mothers like me who are more or less introverted this comes as added layer of challenges that really don't go unnoticed. 

For someone like who recharges in solitude finding that personal space is almost impossible. Kids have endless amount of energy, you have to set up play dates, meet parents etc.


and its not only the relentless need of the kids, but sometimes societal expectations as a good mother can feel heavy on you.  You may feel like you have to constantly engaging and always on your sociable behaviour  or you feel inadequate. 

Setting bounding without guilt and communicated with your needs.  then you can naviageate the beatufilu c

Baos of motherhood while staing true to yourself. 

I have noticed that when I have my mental safe "safeguarded" I am present and connected with others. If I don't set clear boundaries for myself  I  notice that I compromise who I am and allow people opportunity to recharge, and a reminder that while the world may be loud, there's profound beauty in whispers and quiet introspection.

For introverted mothers, the key lies in understanding and accepting their own needs. By carving out moments of solitude, setting boundaries without guilt, and communicating their needs, they can navigate the beautiful chaos of motherhood while staying true to themselves.

I hope this piece encapsulates the nuances and challenges of being an introverted mother.




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