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Blog posts 2023

Anniina Heikinheimo

Seeking connection amid solitude

While I enjoy meaning fun interactions and people around me I often find myself drained from social situations. It's like my internal battery runs out easier than others. It made perfect sense when I figured the term "Ambivert". As much I like connecting with people, I also like the calm of solitude.They say that ambiverts can adapt easily in different situations with people. I feel like I can understand and connect with different personalities and navigate in social situations but I also feel like being ambivert comes with set of challenges. What causes confusion with people is that I might be reserved in one setting and enthusiastic just a few moments later.

Beautiful chaos of motherhood 

For person like me, who likes to recharge myself in peace and quiet, having kids has been challenging say the least. Finding the personal space is almost impossible anymore. Its not only the intensity with 

kids and the endless amount of energy but also the social and societal aspects of being a mom. As a parent I feel like I am expected to be meeting other parents and organizing playdates. There is also the pressure of being the Super mom...a person who will maintain a career, study, raise children and manage the household and who is constantly engaging and is on her most sociable behaviour, of course always accompanied by a smile.


So really, there no doubt in my mind, why one would feel inadequate in this society as a mother. That's why it is so important to understand and accept our own needs but also communicate our needs to others. I have noticed that when I have my mental space  "safeguarded",  I am more present and connected with others. If I don't set clear boundaries for myself I tend to compromise more of who I am and allow people to be more invasive to my privacy


"if you feel that the whole world is loud, remember that there is beauty in whispers and quiet introspection"

Anniina Heikinheimo 2023

"I also pre-selected art pieces from my gallery that I resonated with me with the themes of seeking solitude, desiring personal space, and the emotions that arise in crowded settings."


Reflections on Motherhood:
MAMA 2016 Collection

Within MAMA 2016 series, I looked into the multifaceted experience of motherhood - the beauty and challenges of motherhood.

My collection captures the essence of this journey including exhaustion, solitude and guilt but also brightness and joy. I see motherhood is like a two-sided coint that swings back and forth between moments of pain to moments of joy and elation.


With each of these drawing has a unique story, offering a glimpse into the experiences and emotions mothers encounter. Through these illustrations, I want also want to assure mothers

everywhere of a sense of connection and understanding, reminding that  the journey is not in isolation but in shared understanding

through which we can hopefully grow as people.  Edited 20.5.2023

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